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Our Range of Stainless Steel Tanks accoriding to Application

Water Storage Tanks

Simple non insulated storage tanks are used primarily in Bottling Plants, Mineral Water plants, RO Water manufacturing plants. It is a mandatory requirement for BIS certified plants to store filtered/ RO Water in Stainless Steel Tanks. We offer SS Tanks ranging from a size of 100 L to 5000 L. We can also customise a tank according to your requirement.


Insulated Overhead Water Storage Tanks

Klar SS Overhead Tanks are used for overhead water storage on terrace in homes. Our range of Overhead Tanks are insulated using minimum 50 mm PUF thickness  on all sides. This ensures that water stays cool in summers and water does not become cold in winters. These tanks also provide the added benefit of storing water hygienically in stainless steel , thus preventing growth of bacteria and fungus inside tanks. These tanks can also be cleaned easily using the drain provided at bottom of the tanks.

1000 L Stainless Steel Insulated Tank

Rectangular Storage Tanks

We offer a unique moulded rectangular Stainless Steel Tank. This tank is available in sizes of 200 L and 300 L. These tanks can be wall mounted or can be kept on a table top. These tanks are ideal for storage of water in home kitchens, restaurant kitchens, jar filling plants.

200 L Rectangular Stainless Steel Tank

Domestic RO Stainless Steel Tank

We make 14 L Capacity SS 304 Tank for Domestic RO Body. We can offer you the complete body without RO Components as shown in picture.

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