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Why Stainless Steel ?

Why does it make sense to store water in Stainless Steel.

Treating Water in only winning half the battle

Effective distribution and storage of water is equally important and critical. We often forget how we distribute water to the point of use and how we store it for consumption


Why is hygienic storage important?

Following abstraction and treatment water becomes a vulnerable and perishable product. 

Water can therefore be regarded as having a finite life.

WHO (1996) Guidelines for Drinking water Quality, Volume 2: Health and supporting criteria. Second Edition. World Health Organization, Geneva.

It is vulnerable in that the integrity of systems used for the storage and distribution of water can be damaged and contamination through ingress can occur. 

It is perishable in that its microbial quality can deteriorate due to the bacteria remaining after treatment growing on the residual nutrient in the water.  E.coli is indicator of faecal contamination of water


What should a safe water storage container have?

Strong and tightly fitting lid - not prone to environmental hazards

Narrow opening - so that no device can be used for dipping in the container which can contaminate the water

Stable Base

Durable and strong

Not transparent

Easy to clean


Where does Plastic lose out?

Plastic contains chemicals which slowly leach into the water thereby altering its taste and odor especially when stored in hot conditions

Plastic Jerry Can.png

Slow Poison

Almost all plastic water bottles contain Bisphenol A and Pthalates which is a proven carcinogen for humans. 
Bisphenol A is added to plastics as coating and also to make it plastics harder to break.
BPA specifically is known to emulate the estrogen hormone found in females. It can interfere and disrupt the normal biological functions of a human.
Now days , some plastics are advertised as being BPA free.


BPA and Phthalates

They have been shown to leech from plastic food containers and plastic food wraps when they become heated.

imagine parking your car on a hot summer day. You leave a water bottle there. What happens then? FDA issued a warning against BPA in 2010. 

Plastic Bottle in Car.png


Plastic tanks in varying degrees allow sunlight to pass through them thereby allowing growth of algae

Algae in plastic tank.png

Industry Award for Service

We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.

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The Alternative is

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Stainless Steel & Water are made for each other

World Health Organization (WHO), a specialized agency of the United Nations concerned with international public health, in their technical note on ‘delivering safe water by tankers’ highlights the fact the stainless steel is most safe for suitable transportation and storage of water. The easy cleaning ability  of stainless steel makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions.

Klar SS 1000 L Tank.JPG
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Future is Stainless Steel

Stainless steels have been used in the treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water for over thirty years. Today that use is increasing and there are opportunities worldwide for further increase.

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SS Maintains the purity of water

In the USA stainless steels are the only materials approved for use in the public water supply without restriction and they have also been approved there for use in both residential and institutional buildings.

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Man Welding

Other Characteristics

Corrosion Resistance


Malleability & Weldability

Impervious to Sunlight

Lower lifecycle cost


Malleable - SS can be drawn into various forms.
Lower maintenance and handling. Stainless Steels can handle higher pressure for a lower thickness of sheet

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Stainless Steel is highly corrosion resistant

Stainless Steel  is naturally self repairing

Stainless Steel is self repairing.png
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